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Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney

If you are looking to buy a chimney but do not know which one to pick, the ones with a baffle filter or the ones without any filter, we are here to help with the Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney post. 

Before getting into the Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney comparison and what would be a better choice for you, let us give you a little idea of what each of these is. 

Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney

Although we all love the fantastic aroma that comes from our kitchens, sometimes there is overwhelming smoke produced during cooking, especially during frying things. The easiest way to escape from this smoke is to install a chimney in your kitchen. It removes all the unnecessary smoke and gives you a great cooking experience. 

What Is A Baffle Filter Chimney?

A baffle filter is a curved panel that is usually made out of aluminum or stainless steel. The curved panels ensure that only the smoke and air escape through the exhaust pipes and capture all the heavy particles such as oil and other dust particles in the panel itself. The Kitchen Chimney helps with the control of airflow and deviates from the smoke that is generated from cooking. 

To efficiently do this, the Baffle filter uses a technology that is used to separate the smell from oil. This technique is called “Cut and splash,” and it makes sure that the oil particles just stay on the panel and do not get sucked into the exhaust panels. 

Some Speciality Of Baffle Filter Is:

It is very suitable for Indian kitchens as our cuisines are rich in flavor and all sorts of delicious masalas. As much as these foods are very tasty, it is also very hard on our chimneys. The new technology of baffle filter protects your chimney. 

Baffle Filter
Image Credits – Glen

Advantages Of Baffle Filter 

  • It is very easy to maintain this type of filter as you can easily clean it. You will only need to clean the panel, and the exhaust pipe will always be clean. 
  • Experts say that it is more durable compared to other conventional filters, such as a carbon filter. These filters are made out of aluminum and stainless steel. They do not corrode easily and will last long. 
  • A baffle filter is a very safe option as it blocks flames and or other flare-ups while cooking and blocks it out from spreading it everywhere. Hence, it improves the safety of your kitchen. 
  • It sucks in air uniformly this way; all the unnecessary smoke will get out of your kitchen in no time. 

Disadvantages Of Baffle Filter 

  • These baffle filter chimneys tend to be more expensive compared to the other types of filters that chimneys come in, but some consider that is worth the money. 
  • They are also comparatively much heavier than the mesh filters or the charcoal filters.
  • There are only some standard designs these baffle filter chimneys come in. If you are very conscious about your kitchen appliances matching the rest of your decor, then this might not always work for you. 

What Is A Filterless Chimney?

As the name suggests, the filterless type of chimney does not have any filters, and they have an oil collector that collects all the larger particles and oil that is sucked through the chimney. The best part of this type of chimney is that you do not have to clean them, as it has a self-cleaning button that will automatically clean the filter. 

Filterless Chimney
Image Credits – Glen

Some Specialty Of Filterless Chimney Is:

The specialty of this filterless chimney is that it is best for people who have a busy schedule as the automatic cleaning technology means that you will not have to spend any time cleaning the chimney; you can just let it do it on its own. 

Advantages Of Filterless Chimney

  • It is extremely helpful for people who do not find the time to clean; as already mentioned, it has a self-cleaning ability that will come in handy for saving a lot of your precious time. 
  • You do not need to spend any extra money to maintain this filterless chimney. It has zero maintenance cost.
  • This type of filterless chimney does not make too much noise, and it is perfect for a small kitchen as you can cook without the headache of the chimney screaming over your head. 

Disadvantages Of Filterless Chimney  

  • If you thought the baffle chimney was expensive, then this one will be a bigger shock as the filterless chimneys are even more costly.
  • If you do heavy cooking in your kitchen that involves a lot of oil and spice, this may not be the option for you as it will not be as effective as expected. Hence, it will not be very suitable for Indian households. 

Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney

If we had to compare both the chimneys, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest difference is how both these types of chimneys work. This difference in the working is what gives them some advantage over the other.

For example, if you cook Indian food rich in spices and oil, the baffle filter chimney would be a good option. The unique “cut and splash” technology will collect all the larger particles on the panel itself and give you a more effective filtration of the smoke from your kitchen. 

However, if you like to cook quick meals and are always on the go, you do not want to spend your relaxed weekends cleaning greasy chimney exhausts. Or if you are lazy like us and just hate cleaning in general, let alone a chimney, then you should definitely choose the filterless chimney to save you a ton of time.

We hope we have helped you resolve the battle of baffle filter vs filterless chimney. It is impossible most significant for us to just pick one for you as your choice will totally depend on your cooking style and the amount of effort and money you are willing to spend on a chimney. The pros and cons of each style are listed clearly to help guide you! 

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