Android Users In India

Smartphones have blended into every individual’s life. India stands third in the smartphone market. Obviously, the number of iOS users will be comparatively less than the android users in India. 

With that, let us get into the article that unveils the information about android users in India. 

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Android Users In India

In 2020, Android held a portion of 95.23 percent of the versatile working framework market in India. This was trailed by Apple’s iOS, a far-off second, with a 3.2 percent piece of the pie. Android went from simply over 10% in 2012 to in excess of 60% inside four years. 

Versatile working frameworks in India

Android acquired its predominant situation in the portable working framework market in India in 2014 with around 45% of the piece of the pie. Since the beginning of 2012, when Symbian held more than 65 percent of the Indian OS market, things have changed quickly. In the subsequent few years, the functioning framework, which was used in the majority of Nokia cell phones, has seen its share of the broader industry dwindle to zero.

Android’s predominance in the Indian cell phone industry is repeated in the worldwide market where the working framework held more than 80% of the cell phone market as of the second from last quarter of 2018. In the U.S. alone there will be an expected 129.1 million Android clients in 2020, contrasted with 87.7 million out of 2014. This implies that by 2015 very nearly a fourth of the number of inhabitants in the United States claimed an Android gadget. 

Apple’s iOS is Android’s closest competitor in the global working framework market, with more than 23% of the whole industry of cell phone shipments as of the fourth quarter of 2020. Regardless, Apple has yet to break into the Indian market, despite the fact that its share of the total industry has been stable since the beginning of 2012, at just over 3%.

Samsung has been one of the vital recipients of the Android working framework with its “World” series of gadgets all running on the Android framework. The South Korean organization held a 21.8 percent share in worldwide cell phone shipments in the primary quarter of 2021 and declared a worldwide income of more than 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. 

Samsung was less prevailing in India, taken over by Chinese portable maker Xiaomi with more than 28% of the piece of the pie in the principal quarter of 2021. What’s more, Samsung clutched the second spot for cell phone brands in the period with under 20% of the market. (source)

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Google Makes Its Debut Into Android Market

The critical deferral for the Android 12 might be arriving at a decision as a theory right now suggests that the new type of Google’s functioning system will turn out in the essential seven-day stretch of October. To be more express, Android 12 might start completing on October 4 on Pixel cell phones, with a potential rollout to various contraptions. 

Another tweet confirms that Google plans to release the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version of Android 12 on October 4. Since the AOSP constantly promotes a broad society in the vicinity of the consistent emergence of an Android structure, it is expected that Android 12 will see the light of day on a comparable date.

Pixel Android Smartphones

That is, obviously, on Pixel smartphones from the outset. Be that as it may, for those expecting the Android 12 update on other cell phones, the stand-by may be any longer. A modest bunch of Android OEMs rushes to embrace another Android form on their gadgets when it drops. Some, in any case, take any longer, frequently delivering it on their cell phones a very long time after the authority rollout. 

In any case, the tweet by XDA editorial manager in-boss Mishaal Rahman gives us a conditional course of events of when the Android 12 can be anticipated. So the simple notice of a date is sufficient to excite a great many Android clients expecting the new period of Android experience on their cell phones. 

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Besides, it has been accounted for that the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will be up for pre-booking beginning October 19. The gadgets will then, at that point be accessible in stores and in the possession of the people who pre-book them by October 28. So even quite possibly Google presents the Android 12 after the authority dispatch of the Pixel 6 series, it should carry it out before the gadgets are delivered, for example inside the long stretch of October. (source)


Android users have been expanding worldwide. In India, android users have been dominating since the debut of many new android mobiles. 

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